Handcrafted creations made to measure

In Mille Cinq’s workshop, the term handcrafted is used in the purest sense. All jewelry, furniture, and accessory items are created using traditional art techniques. Components of objects are shaped from sheet metal, metal wire, wood, leather, and assorted recycled materials with the aid of just a few hand tools.

Looking for something completely original?

Product design and manufacture to client specifications is our specialty. Whatever you imagine, ask us to make it for you in the style, and with the materials, dimensions, colors, and the finish that you desire. Our know-how includes product conception and design, patterns, molds, and product assembly. Models can be handcrafted to order in exclusivity or reproduced in small series.

Accepted projects are invoiced by the hour plus the costs of raw materials. Ask to see a collection, or request a written estimate.

Pattern making
Metal crafts
Handcrafted pearls
Handcrafted jewelry components
Hand sewn leather goods


Fabric designs